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Introduction to Find and Consult

Find and Consult is a platform designed to make immigration and consultancy services more accessible. It allows service providers in this field to list their services, and it provides a convenient way for users to find immigration services near them. Find and Consult is built using Vue for the web frontend, Flutter for mobile, Node.js for the backend, and it uses MongoDB and Firebase for the database. Additionally, Find and Consult offers white-labeled applications to clients, enabling them to manage their agencies efficiently.

Challenges Addressed by Find and Consult

The problem at hand was that individuals aspiring to move abroad faced difficulties in physically visiting multiple service providers to evaluate their offerings. This made it challenging for them to make informed decisions and choose the best-suited immigration services.

The Solution Provided

To tackle these challenges, Find and Consult offers a comprehensive solution:

  • Service Listings: Find and Consult gathers data from various immigration service providers and consolidates it into one place. This simplifies the process for users, allowing them to easily access and compare different immigration services.
  • User-Friendly Platform: The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with a web interface built using Vue and a mobile app developed with Flutter. This ensures a seamless and consistent experience for users on both web and mobile devices.
  • Efficient Backend: The backend, powered by Node.js, handles data processing and management efficiently. It ensures that the platform runs smoothly and provides real-time information to users.
  • Database Management: MongoDB and Firebase are used for data storage, ensuring quick access to information and secure data management.
  • Client White Label Apps: Find and Consult offers white label applications to clients, enabling them to manage their agencies effectively. This includes customer relationship management (CRM) tools for handling leads and conversions.

Outcome of the Solution

With Find and Consult, the process of finding and choosing immigration services has become much simpler for users. They can now access a wide range of services in one place, making informed decisions about their immigration journey. For clients, the platform provides efficient CRM tools to manage user leads and conversions, enhancing their business operations.

In summary, Find and Consult has streamlined the immigration service discovery process, making it accessible and straightforward for users. By centralizing service listings and offering client-focused tools, it has improved the overall experience for both service seekers and providers.

Project Name

Find and Consult

Tech Stack

Veu.JS, Flutter, NodeJS, MongoDB, Firebase, E2E Server

Project Timeline

5 Days planning, and 3 month for Designign & Development

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