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Introduction to Nrich Learning

Nrich Learning is a marketplace for educational institutions like schools, coaching centres, and other classes. It offers tools like a Learning Management System (LMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and white-labelled apps to help these institutions manage their operations more efficiently. Nrich Learning also integrates with Zoom for live streaming, making online teaching and learning easy.

Technology Behind Nrich Learning

  • The Nrich Learning platform uses AngularJS for its frontend development, ensuring a user-friendly interface.
  • The backend is built on Java, known for its reliability and scalability. For live streaming classes, 
  • Nrich Learning integrates with Zoom, providing high-quality video and audio for online streaming.

Problem Faced by Institutes

Educational institutes were struggling with manually updating student records, assigning tests, and managing assignments. Conducting and managing online classes and solving student doubts were also challenging. Moreover, students missing classes had difficulty accessing previous lectures.

Solution Offered by Nrich Learning

Nrich Learning solves these issues by automating several tasks. Its LMS allows for easy live streaming and recording of lectures, so students can watch them later if they miss a class. The platform also automates test and assignment distribution, making it easier for teachers to manage their work. The CRM and white-labelled apps help institutes organise their operations and communicate more effectively with students. 

Project Name

Nrich Learning

Tech Stack

AngularJS, JAVA, Flutter, AWS Server, Firebase

Project Timeline

1 Month planning, and 8 Months for developing & still Updating

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