Reasons Why Android OS is a Better Choice Over iOS

Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems, powering a majority of smartphones and tablets across the world. While both have their merits, Android scores over iOS in many aspects that matter to average users. In this blog we will present to you the key reasons why Android OS is a better choice over iOS.

More Affordable Devices

Android being an open-source platform, it powers devices across various price ranges. Right from budget smartphones costing less than ₹5,000 to premium flagship phones, you get to
choose an Android device as per your budget and needs. On the other hand, Apple’s iPhones and iOS devices tend to be quite expensive for average Indian consumers. Most new iPhones
today cost upward of ₹50,000 putting them out of reach for many buyers.

Greater Customization Options

The open and customizable nature of Android allows phone makers to customize the software to differentiate their devices. Users also get various customization options like launchers, themes, icon packs etc to personalize device appearance and functionality. Such flexibility to tweak the look, feel and features is very limited in iOS which has a more locked down ecosystem.

Better Notifications Handling

The notification handling system of Android is far more interactive, customizable and functional compared to iOS. Features like notification channels, snoozing individual notifications,
actionable replies and buttons make it possible to manage incoming notifications smartly. iOS is catching up but still has scope for improvement when it comes to managing notifications.

Supports Third-party Apps and Stores

Android users have the freedom to install apps from multiple app stores apart from Google Play Store. For instance popular options like Galaxy Store, etc exist as alternatives. Also sideloading
apps from outside official stores is possible. Such flexibility is completely missing in the closed garden approach of iOS that forces users to rely solely on the Apple App Store.

Works With More Accessories

The universal USB-C port and wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth, etc allow Android devices to work seamlessly with a wide variety of compatible accessories and peripherals. Be it
headphones, speakers, health trackers, smartwatches or other gadgets, Android phones have wider compatibility. The proprietary Lightning port and restrictive ecosystem limits the accessory
options for iOS users which is frustrating.

Offers More Value-for-Money

Taken together, the Android platform offers better hardware specifications, features, customization options and app ecosystem at more affordable price points. Users end up getting better value at each price segment when comparing similar Android and iOS devices. Those looking for flagship grade performance on a budget are undoubtedly better served choosing one of the premium Android flagships over any iPhone model costing twice as much.
While iOS retains some mindshare among premium buyers owing to qualities like smooth performance, long updates and strong ecosystem, Android has grown leaps and bounds over the years nullifying many of iOS’ past advantages. For an average Indian buyer, a customized Android phone that fits their budget and needs is clearly the pragmatic choice in 2023 over the restrictive walled garden offered by iPhones, so these are the key reasons why Android OS is a better choice over iOS. The flexibility and app abundance that the Android ecosystem provides makes it the obvious choice for most tech enthusiasts, power users and even casual


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