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Introduction to Ride Dost

Ride Dost is a digital platform available as both a web application and a mobile app, designed to offer users discounts through coupons. These coupons can be used at various local vendors that partner with Ride Dost, providing a unique opportunity for users to save on purchases made offline.

Technology Behind Ride Dost

  • We developed the Ride Dost web application with ReactJS, known for its interactive interfaces.
  • For the mobile application, we choose Flutter to ensure a smooth and unified experience across different mobile devices
  • The backend technology of Ride Dost is built on Node.js, which offers efficient real-time handling of requests.
  • All the information is stored securely in a MongoDB database, ensuring quick access.

Challenge Faced by Vendors

Local shop owners were mainly looking to bring more customers into their stores. Earlier vendors were looking for an easier way to offer discounts without the confusion of old-fashioned pink slips, where deals could be clear and easy for both the vendors and the customers.

The Solution We Delivered

We addressed these challenges by integrating a communication feature within the app that allows vendors to request and receive compensation from the coupons’ original issuer. This process is straightforward: a customer uses a coupon, the vendor provides a discount, and then through Ride Dost, the vendor sends a reimbursement request to the issuer. This ensures all transactions are transparent and agreed upon. Although the actual exchange of money happens offline, the app reflects the completed transactions for both parties to see, maintaining a clear record of payment settlements.

Outcome of Our Solution

With Ride Dost, we’ve developed a network where discounts draw customers into stores, increasing local vendor sales. The technology we’ve implemented ensures that the system runs smoothly, with real-time updates and an easy user experience.

Project Name

Ride Dost

Tech Stack

ReactJS, Flutter, MonogDB, NodeJS, E2E Server

Project Timeline

5 Days planning, and 3 month for Designing and Development

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