Is graphic design a good career in 2024?

graphic design

Do you like to draw and play with colors? Then graphic design might be super fun for you! It’s like using your imagination to make cool pictures and posters on computers (or even paper!). Even though robots and AI are getting good at some things, graphic designers will always be needed to come up with new ideas and make things look amazing!

The future of graphic design, especially in the AI world, is the most frequently asked question. This concerns various people who are already in this field and those who want to be graphic designers. Is graphic design a good career in 2024, and why should you choose Graphic design? 

{Images sourced from Google and Pinterest.}

I saw these excellent posts on internet, and the design was so creative that I started thinking about who makes such beautiful designs. This excitement led me to go and talk to one of my colleagues at Techglide, who is a graphic designer. He showed me some of his work, and damn!! those were too good. The first question I asked was who created such designs. And he answered GRAPHIC DESIGNERS.

He explained many things about the skills, rules, and concepts they use while designing a post. One question might also hit your mind before starting a new career: “Does this field have scope in the future? Are graphic designers in demand in India? Can AI replace graphic designers? Even some of my friends who want to start graphic designing usually ask what skills a graphic designer must have in 2024.  How difficult is it to be a graphic designer in India?  What is the scope of graphic designing in India?  So, after a discussion with an experienced Graphic designer and a bit of research, I came up with the answers below.

In the blog, we will be discussing the following:

Why will Graphic design be in demand?

5 top Reasons to Learn Graphic Designing in 2024

Why will Graphic design be in demand?

Graphic Design is Super Cool!

Imagine a cool picture for your favorite pizza place. A graphic designer made that! They use pictures, fonts, and colors to make brands look awesome.

Ever wonder why some websites are easy to use? A graphic designer helped with that, too! They make things look good and work well, just like how you like your room to be neat and comfy.

Big companies like YouTube and Apple need cool pictures and logos, too! That’s where graphic designers come in. They help all kinds of businesses look their best, just like you might pick a cool outfit for a special day.

Check out the research about job orppotunities for Graphic designer 

5 top Reasons to Learn Graphic Designing in 2024

Demand is high: Almost everything you see uses graphic design, from websites to product packaging. Businesses always need creative minds to design good-looking things and grab attention. Many paths to choose from: You can work for a company, be a freelancer, or even start your design studio. There’s a lot of flexibility!

Constantly evolving: New technologies and trends keep things exciting. You’ll get to learn new skills and keep your work fresh.

See your work everywhere: Seeing your designs used in the real world is rewarding. Imagine your logo on a popular product!

Creative outlet: Love art and using computers? Graphic design lets you combine those passions into a fulfilling career.

Want to learn more? Have more questions about graphic designing. We at Techglide welcome creative discussions. YOu don’t need to search for the best website development digital marketing SEO company in Chandigarh. We will help you with all of those, along with the creativityRemember, the scope of work is always there as long as you are skilled. You must learn something new daily and be an expert every day. We will keep sharing the answers to your questions so you won’t feel confused, demotivated, or behind the latest updates in this beautiful creative journey. 


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