6 Types Of Brand Marketing

6 types of Brand Marketing

Swiggy Instamart, with their latest unique marketing ad, almost doubled their mango sales In Mumbai!

What was the ad all about? Techglide will share this fantastic marketing ad along with 6 different types of marketing brands do for more customers and leads

Swiggy Instamart

Talking about mangos making your mouth water!  This exact same craving is used in the special ad! Swiggy Instamart in Mumbai just had a mango marketing magic trick that almost doubled their sales.

Here’s the deal: they put a crazy cool ad in the newspaper that smelled like REAL mangoes! Yep, you read that right (or should we say, smelled that right?). The ad even had a cheeky line that said “Read this ad with your nose” to get people sniffing it. Can you imagine flipping the page and getting hit with that sweet, tropical mango scent? No wonder their sales doubled in a day –  who could resist fresh mangoes practically calling your name? It’s a genius way to show how brands can use our senses to get us craving their products.

How does Brand marketing help your business Grow?

The right and creative Marketing boosts your sales!

That’s the magic of brand marketing, folks. Just like Swiggy Instamart in Mumbai (seriously, those mango ads were genius!), brands can use all sorts of ‎Branding strategies to tap into our senses and emotions, making us crave their products.thats where Techglide help you to understand the importance of marketing along with helping you do your brand marketing in a creative way to reach your targeted audience.

So, how can you use this ‎Branding strategies for your own brand? Here’s the lowdown on 6 super cool marketing tricks:In this blog we will be sharing 6 most important types of brand marketing.  Before that lets understand what Brand marketing is? 

What is Brand marketing?

Brand marketing is like making your brand a popular kid at school. You give it a cool look (logo, packaging), a catchy nickname (slogan), and remind everyone of how awesome it is (advertising). This way, people remember and choose your brand when they need something you offer

6 Types of Brand Marketing:

Just like scent marketing, there are many creative ways to reach your target audience. Here, we’ll explore 6 key types of brand marketing:

Corporate Branding:

This is the overall image of a company, including its logo, slogan, values, and reputation. Think of it as the company’s personality or brand reputation.

brand reputation

Product Branding:

This focuses on making a specific product stand out. It considers packaging, advertising, and how the product positions itself in the market compared to others. 

Product Branding

Retail Branding:

This creates a brand experience for people who shop at a particular store. It involves the store layout, customer service, and the overall atmosphere you feel while shopping there. It makes Customer Experience better which leads them to come back for your services.

Customer Experience

Personal Branding:

n today’s world, you can be a brand too! This involves building a positive image for yourself, whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or just looking to establish yourself online.

Geographic Branding:

This uses the location of a product or service as a selling point. Think of famous wines named after regions or local restaurants known for their regional specialties.

This uses the location of a product or service as a selling point. Think of famous wines named after regions or local restaurants known for their regional specialties.
Service Branding:

This creates a brand for a company that provides a service, like a bank, hotel, or consultant. It’s about convincing people your company is the best choice for their service needs.

Make Your Brand the Star with Techglide!

Ever wonder how some brands are just way cooler than others? That’s brand marketing in action! It’s like giving your brand the ultimate makeover so everyone recognizes and digs it.


Think about it – you’re in any field, real estate, selling the latest fashions, teaching yoga –  brand marketing can help you shine! It’s the secret sauce that makes people remember you and choose you over the competition. Techglide, the best SEO and digital marketing company, can help you create result-oriented Brand strategies. 

This is just the intro, though. There’s a whole lot more to this brand marketing game. Stay tuned or contact us to discuss what the best brand marketing strategy for your business will be! 


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